tate’s space

My current favorite space in our house is Tate’s cozy nook in our room . . .

I love how everything of his is contained and organized in this small yet functional space.

(my inspiration)

Books & toys & clothes from friends and family.  A small jar of shells that Isla and I collected last November (2016) in which I was still carrying my sweet baby Nicholas.  It was his first and only visit to the beach.  That trip and our small collection will always be special to me.  The wardrobe I painted green at 8.5 months pregnant (it had to be green – my pregnancy told me so :)).  His white baptismal outfit and blanket.  A crib with sheets and a pillow that I felt were absolutely necessary that I make for him (again, pregnancy makes you crazy like that!).  The heart pillow that I made right after our move to Alabama.  The puppy and boy who are bound to be great friends.  The pup is still trying to figure out where my belly went and where this tiny noisemaker came from.  She is a bit jealous of the attention I give to Tate, but is slowly growing used to her new friend.

Our trip to the beach last November . . .

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