hello ’18 on this Christmas eve.

While cookies are baking (we are trying these this year), the babe is sleeping and holiday potpourri is simmering on the stove I am printing, cutting and addressing my holiday greetings on this Christmas Eve.  To be matter of fact it is a New Year’s “Hello”. 🙂 The last few years a New Years Greeting has been more my pace.  I enjoy the idea of sending out a bit of cheer after all of the celebrations are over, decorations are down and presents unwrapped – when things might be seeming a bit dusty and dull. OR maybe that is just my excuse for running a week or two behind the whole month of December.  With the birth of Mr. Tate in mid November, this year was no exception.  I had high hopes of designing an extra special greeting on my own to announce his birth, but I chose the extra snuggles instead. However, I love the simplicity of this card from minted.  I then just made a couple of “Tate” photos that included his birth day details into tags.

Two of my favorites from holidays past . . .

holidaycardDSC_0608Wishing you and yours a blessed and peace filled Christmas and New Year!

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