hello autumn. the third season.

. . . and now hello november. we are looking forward to a first birthday, short days and long evenings at home, decorating for the holidays, and a thanksgiving back in Missouri.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

all hallows’ eve ‘18.

Out Halloween festivities started with The Haunting of Greenberry. A house that goes all out decorating and does an organized flash dance every year. This year they went with a circus theme! The kids then had “crazy day” at school on Halloween day. Instead of dressing in costume they dress in mismatched or “crazy” attire. Halloween eve we went trick or treating in a nearby neighborhood. Maddox decided to forgo going out with us this year to hand out candy to the few trick or treaters we had. I was hoping we’d have more (being in a new neighborhood you never know). Lastly, the Saturday after Halloween Maddox, Isla, and I did the Angel Run (5K) at the kids school. Isla and I dressed as angels (well kind of). I made the wings with coat hangers and fabric. Which seemed like a great idea but they added a quite a bit of resistance when running. 🙂 Hope your October festivities were grand!

This costume idea was my favorites this year!

first birthday. gift ideas.

Not for sure how it can be but Mr. Tate will be one in just a little over a month. Such a fun day! Not just for celebrating him, but us as a family of five! What a neat & beautiful year it has been. The big things being his birth in November and then a move back to Missouri in August. And one of my most recent favorite small & simple things being the big smile that Tate gets every morning when he sees one of “his people” and equally that warm feeling we all feel when we see that smile.

Speaking of favorites (and the upcoming big day), here are a few first birthday gift ideas that I think Tate would love. Some he may not be ready for just yet, but will be soon or once the weather starts to warm up again come Spring.

Other favorites would be – books, books, and more books (always a favorite – I added this one to Tate’s collection recently) . A new swing. A rocking horse/ toy. A grocery cart. Or perhaps these little guys – so cute!

Top row:

Grimm’s Blue Truck

Bajo Noah’s Ark

Sesame Street Carry Home Brownstone

Middle row:

Farmer’s Market Delivery Truck

Wooden Bike & Tricycle

Grimm’s City & Town Blocks

Bottom row:

Manhattan Block Set

Pantone Book Set

My Great Wagon

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ten months.

Tate Anthony – 10 months old.

little man is getting really tough to document these days as you can see by the photographs. HE’S EVERYWHERE, ALL OF THE TIME! or he’s not so happy. 🙂 i gave up and just decided to roll with him. high hopes that next month is better. after all, just one more month to document before the BIG ONE! how can that be?