first Christmas. stocking + gifts.

Tate’s first Christmas is almost here!  The normal anticipation we feel just days before Christmas is magnified this year knowing we have another little man to share it with.  Although, he isn’t going to care much (or at all) about what is in his stocking or under the tree, I wanted to gift him a few things that will be useful and/ or meaningful a few months or years down the road from now.  I have written a message in the books so that he will know they were given to him for his first Christmas. In regards to the holtztiger wooden bear figure, my plans are to give him these wooden animal figures on special holidays or occasions for his first couple of years.  Then, by the time he is old enough he will have several to play with – he can create a zoo or farm or zarm or foo.  I have high hopes that the bank will stay in tact throughout his kid years and will be something that I can gift to him a second time once he is grown and out of the house.  The stacking boat is his first toy and I am hoping it brings him and possibly his future children much playtime and enjoyment.

Apparently, I am assuming Tate likes bears (bear bank, bear toy, bear romper). 🙂


Grimms Stacking Tower Boat

Book – One Thousand Things

Children’s Dinner Set – Enamelware

Mount Royal Mint Bear Piggy Bank

Calmies Natural Teether

Book – Beyond the Pond

Bear Romper

Holtztiger Wooden Figure – Bear

I also think I may have already found his first birthday gift. (smile)

h a l l o w e e n

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We celebrated All Hallows’ Eve with both friends and raindrops again this year.  Both were festive and refreshing.  Friday night the kids were invited to a costume party where they were introduced to the game “dangling donuts”.  We spent Saturday afternoon costume prepping and then headed out for a night of trick-or-treating.  My symbol of southern hospitality kinda costume was a big hit with Isla.  Well I don’t really think it was the costume she was particularly privy to, but rather the wet n’ wild dollar store pink lipstick (“15 min. aflame” was the name) that I wore simply because I never do.  The boy and his Dad were both flattered that the other chose to dress like him. Until next year Halloween!