making it + snuggles

(photo from November 30th. a small sampling of “all the things”- including a tired babe.)

Trying to do all the things, all at once while still maintaining adequate snuggle time is the struggle these days.  While cleaning up after dinner yesterday, I realized I could make the choice – either sit down and cry or just be at peace and grateful with the fact that “we’re making it”.  While nothing got marked off of the to do list (things only seem to have gotten added), we did make it to church for the second time as a family of five, we all got clothed and fed, the house now feels cozy and holidayish, the kids are happy and extra merry with the thought of Christmas around the bend, a warm dinner was served, the littlest of us got nursed and had several diaper changes, the dog was taken for a short walk, and the third day and first week of advent were celebrated with small treats for the kids and extra prayers and thankfulness at dinner time.  So yes, no BIG achievements are being accomplished here these days, but I’ll take “making it” (as long as there is still time for snuggles).

This year’s advent calendar/ countdown and “wreath”.

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